What We Do

Our Mission

Teach drowing-prone communities how to swim safely, confidently, and fearlessly.

Hi, I'm Sam!

Swim with Sam

Sam Caballero

Founder, Head Instructor

I started Swim with Sam to help people who used to be like me. As a baby, I had a serious fear of the water.  My mom took the first step to help me overcome my fear by signing me up for swim lessons. After a summers of swimming lessons I joined the swim team and years and eventually became a swim coach. This life changing outcome started with my mom deciding to not allow my fears to control my life.

Now I help others do the same! Our mission is to help people of all backgrounds and ages learn how to swim safely, confidently, and fearlessly. My story is a unique one, but it won’t be the only one.

Each year, we teach hundreds of people to overcome their fear of the water. Drowning is 100% preventable. At Swim with Sam, we educate communities to swim safely and empower others to learn how to swim. 

The stigma of drowning being a part of a community stops with us. Swim lessons are for everyone. Especially you.

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