Get your baby comfortable with water around their head and eventually being fully submerged


Teach your baby safety skills such as kicking to the wall, entering/exiting the pool, and flipping over to float and breathe


Educate parents on progressive swimming techniques to practice with their child to continue their aquatic education.

How can you help your baby during swim lessons?

Take them in the water

Talk to your baby about swim lessons, introduce them to the pool and let them slash around supervised. Get them acclimated to being in the water outside of bath time to adjust to the environment. 

Have lessons consistently

The learning process for children requires several teaching sessions to fine tune a skill. We recommend having lessons 3X a week (minimum 2) for best learning. 

Trust your instructor

Our instructors are trained to motivate your child to develop independent life-saving skill sets in the pool. Ask them any questions or tips on how to assist your child in their learning. 

Practice outside of the lessons

Children this young require repetition to develop muscle memory and develop effective habits in the water. Practice the skill sets they learn during their lessons in the pool or bath time. 

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